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Praseodymium Oxide Nanopowder

Praseodymium Oxide Nanopowder

Black powder, insoluble in water, soluble in acid.
Formula: Pr6O11
Mol.wt: 1021.44
Main Application: Paint, glass, pottery and porcelain


Brief information of Praseodymium Oxide  Nanopowder

Formula: Pr6O11
CAS No.: 12037-29-5
Molecular Weight: 1021.43
Density: 6.5 g/cm3
Melting point: 2183 °C
Appearance: Brown powder
Solubility: Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral acids
Stability: Slightly hygroscopic
Multilingual: PraseodymiumOxid, Oxyde De Praseodymium, Oxido Del Praseodymium


Praseodymium Oxide  Nanopowder Specification



Relative Purity 
99.99 99.9

99 99

RE Impurities/REO
Y2O3 0.0003 0.0050
La2O3 0.0005 0.0100
CeO2 0.0030 0.0100
Nd2O3 0.0030 0.0500
Sm2O3 0.0010 0.0100
Eu2O3 0.0003 0.0050
Gd2O3 0.0005 0.0050
Tb4O7 0.0005 0.0050
Dy2O3 0.0003 0.0050
Ho2O3 0.0003 0.0050
Er2O3 0.0003 0.0050
Tm2O3 0.0003 0.0050
Yb2O3 0.0003 0.0050
Lu2O3 0.0003 0.0050

Non-RE Impurities 
Fe2O3 0.0010 0.0020
SiO2 0.0050 0.0200
CaO 0.0050 0.0150
Cl 0.0100 0.0200
    L.O.I              Max.% 1 1


       Particle Size



Praseodymium Oxide, also called Praseodymia, used to colour glasses and enamels; 


*when mixed with certain other materials, Praseodymium produces an intense clean yellow colour in glass. 

*Component of didymium glass which is a colourant for welder's goggles, also as important additive of Praseodymium yellow pigments. *Praseodymium Oxide in solid solution with ceria, or with ceria-zirconia, have been used as oxidation catalysts. 

*Praseodymium Oxide can be used to create high-power magnets notable for their strength and durability.






In sealed double polyethylene bags. The bags are packed in steel drums containing 50 Kgs net each.




Specification is adjustable as per user' s special requirement