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The Application of Nano Yttrium Oxide Powder in New Energy Field

                        The Application of Nano Yttrium Oxide Powder in New Energy Field

The international conference on key materials technology innovation of lithium batteries was held in shenzhen, China on oct 19, 2018.This conference invited over 80 industry experts, technology leaders and 400 industry personages from various aspects of lithium battery materials and power battery enterprises to discuss the technological research and development innovation and industrial upgrading of power battery core materials.

Jianzhong Li, director and general manager of lifeng technology, delivered a wonderful keynote speech on "challenges and countermeasures of high nickel ternary materials" at the "new materials for power battery".

Li said the global use of high nickel materials is expected to be about 78,000 tons in 2018, with vehicle use accounting for about 70 percent.On the one hand, the proportion of demand for high nickel ternary materials is constantly increasing; on the other hand, the material enterprises are also facing great challenges.

For example, during charging and discharging, the volume expansion/shrinkage of high nickel ternary materials turns to particle powder formation;Surface degradation results in the poor chemical stability and safety.

In view of this,Li also proposed the safety improvement scheme of high nickel ternary materials:

1. Doping modification.By adding rare earth element materials, the crystal structure of the material is stabilized, making it resistant to high temperature and high voltage.

2. Coating modification.Nano yttrium oxide powder was added to modify the coating/surface structure of the stable material, reducing the dissolution of Ni, Co and Mn, and improving the high temperature storage, circulation and safety performance.

3. Design of solid lithium battery.Solid lithium electrolyte is used to solve the safety problem of liquid lithium ion battery.