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nano particle Europium Oxide (Ultrafine powder)

nano particle Europium Oxide (Ultrafine powder)

White powder with pinkish shade, insoluble in water, soluble in acid. It can absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide of air easily.
Formula: Eu₂O₃
Mol.wt: 351.92
Main Application: Fluorescent powder; X ray; optical filter; colored lens;



Brief information of Europium Oxide


Formula: Eu2O3
CAS No.: 1308-96-9
Molecular Weight: 351.92
Density: 7.42 g/cm3
Melting point: 2350° C
Appearance: White powder or chunks
Solubility: Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral acids
Stability: Slightly hygroscopic
Multilingual: EuropiumOxid, Oxyde De Europium, Oxido Del Europio





 Relative Purity  Min.% 99.999 99.99
 TREO       Min.% 99 99
RE Impurities/REO  Max.% La2O3 0.00005  0.0003 
CeO2 0.00005  0.0005 
Pr6O11 0.00005  0.0010 
Nd2O3 0.00005  0.0010 
Sm2O3 0.00020  0.0010 
Gd2O3 0.00020  0.0010 
Tb4O7 0.00005  0.0050 
Dy2O3 0.00005 
Ho2O3 0.00005 
Er2O3 0.00005 
Tm2O3 0.00005 
Yb2O3 0.00005 
Lu2O3 0.00005 
Y2O3 0.00010 
 Non-RE Impurities   Max.% Fe2O3 0.0005  0.0007 
SiO2 0.0050  0.0050 
CaO 0.0008  0.0010 
ZnO 0.0005  0.0005 
Cl- 0.0100  0.0100 
1.0  1.0 




Application of Europium Oxide


Europium Oxide, also called Europia, is used as a phosphor activator, color cathode-ray tubes and liquid-crystal displays used in computer monitors and televisions employ Europium Oxide as the red phosphor; no substitute is known. Europium Oxide (Eu2O3) is widely used as a red phosphor in television sets and fluorescent lamps, and as an activator for Yttrium-based phosphors. Europium Oxide is also applied in speciality plastic for laser material.



In sealed double polyethylene bags. The bags are packed in steel drums containing 50 Kgs net each.




Specification is adjustable as per user' s special requirement