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Yttrium Oxide Thermal Spraying Coating Powder

Yttrium Oxide Thermal Spraying Coating Powder

Yttrium oxide is a highly stable compound with a high melting point and is very inert chemically. Yttrium oxide is also known to possess excellent plasma-tech and erosion resistance, particularly in plasma containing halogen species.

Yttria caoting used on chamber walls and tooling for semiconductor manucturing, which are typically applied by atmospheric plasma spray, must be of high purity, high particle size control. 

Classification                 Ceramic,yttria

Chemistry                      Y2O3             

Manufacture                  Agglomerated or agglomerated and sintered

Apparent Density          1.4 to 1.1g/cm3

Service Temperature    ≤2000°C(3630°F),lower in reducing enviroment

Melting point                 2425°C(4397°F)

Purpose                        Plasma etching/thermal spraying/Ceramic coating

Typical Uses and Applications 

Plasma etch and erosion resistance on surfaces exposed to reactive plasma gases in semiconductor manufacturing systems, such as vacuum chamber walls and other  components n Electrostatic chucks n Linings for graphite molds