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Yttria Ceramic Powder

Yttria Ceramic Powder

Yttria-an oxide-based engineering ceramic
Formula: Y2O3
Mol.wt: 225.81
Main Application: Ceramic additive; spraying material


Yttria Ceramic Powder-Yttria is an oxide-based engineering ceramic. 

It has a very low thermal conductivity among oxide-based engineering ceramics. In addition, it has a fairly low heat capacity and a fairly high density. The graph bars on the material properties cards below compare yttria to other oxide-based engineering ceramics (top) and the entire database (bottom).

Yttria Ceramic Powder

 -Supply to variety of Industries.  (Display,Semiconductor,Solra Cell, LED, Ceramics, IT, component of precision machine)

SEM of Yttria Ceramic Powder  (Yttrium Oxide, Y2O3 powder)

50nm,0.5-1um,round,cubic,flack shape


In sealed double polyethylene bags. The bags are packed in steel drums containing 50 Kgs net each.


Specification is adjustable as per user' s special requirement